Social Events

The Hollabrook Farm Social Committee is comprised of a group of volunteer residents who come together to plan, organize and orchestrate various neighborhood-wide social events and activities throughout the year. Our goal is to foster a positive sense of connection and community amongst the residents to contribute to a stronger and more vibrant neighborhood!
In addition to our typical yearly events shown below, we organize various events throughout the year such as brewery meet-ups, outdoor movie nights, and our Supper Six Supper Club. Contact the Social Committee chair, list in the Residents Only section, for more information!
Typical yearly events:
Super Bowl Party
Winter: Super Bowl Party
Easter Egg Hunt
Spring: Easter Egg Hunt
4th of July Parade
Summer: Fourth of July Kids Bike Parade & Cardboard Canoe Contest 
Chili Cook-Off
Fall: Chili Cook-Off & Octoberfest Beer Tasting
Santa Breakfast
Winter: Santa Breakfast